Tango Salon Shoes, Women's Models

Each model of women's tango shoes and ballroom shoes features dense insole padding, sturdy arch support, leather lining, and a generous toe box. They are available in different widths, with several heel choices, and leather or suede soles. You can also customize your dance shoes from a large collection of leather, suede, and novelty materials.

Lucita Peep-toe

women's peep-toe tango shoe and ballroom shoe
A little vintage and very classic. The integrated strap wraps gently over
the ankle. The butterfly vamp wraps high on the sides of the foot.

Bonita Cap-toe

women's closed-toe tango shoe and ballroom shoe
Go all one color, or go for contrast. The criss-cross straps hug the foot securely to the sole. Toes have mild taper. Available in satin.

Rosita Sandal

women's open-toe sandal tango shoe and ballroom shoe
What a gorgeous sandal. The pleated band over the widest part of the foot adds comfort and maintains the strappy look. Available in satin.

Alegria Open-toe

women's open-toe tango shoe and ballroom shoe
So open, so mod, so elegant. Have fun with contrasting trim. Choose ankle strap or criss-cross straps. Available in satin.


women's oxford tango shoe and ballroom shoe
Super comfortable - like gloves for your feet. A classic lace-up, with sleek Cuban heels. Also available with short shank and split soles.